Pakistan IMF Loan Shahbaz Sharif Govt Agrees To IMF All Conditions, Dar Says- A Staff-level Accord Still Pending | Pakistan Crisis: Talk could not be done on loan, IMF team returned without giving anything even after staying in Islamabad for 10 days, Pak government said

Pakistan IMF Deal: Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, now rests its hopes on the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In the capital Islamabad, Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and his officials held talks with the IMF delegation on Thursday, in which they demanded bailout funds from the IMF, but could not agree on it yesterday. Pie. According to local media, the talks between Pakistan and the IMF have failed. At the same time, now the statement of Minister Ishaq Dar has come on this.

Pakistan did not get relief from International Monetary Fund

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said on Friday that the government had received the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) relating to the completion of the ninth review of the $7 billion loan programme, indicating that That a staff-level agreement is still pending. He expressed the hope that his problems can be solved with this agreement. That is, they still feel that Pakistan will get the loan.

IMF officials who stayed in Pakistan for 10 days, did not leave after giving anything?

According to Pakistan’s Dawn News, after holding talks with the Pakistan government for 10 days, a delegation of the IMF, which left Pakistan last night, issued a statement saying that the virtual talks would continue. The minister of Pakistan also said the same thing in a press conference early in the morning.

IMF delegation went back without any announcement

It is being told that the talks between the IMF and the Government of Pakistan went on till January 31 and February 9, the Pakistani government was feeling that they would get the loan, but the IMF delegation went back without making any announcement. After which news came that the talks between both the sides were failing.

Finance Minister Dar said- We have got MEFP in the morning

However, Finance Minister Dar insisted in the press conference on Friday that the talks have not failed yet. “We insisted that they (the fund delegation) give us the MEFP before they leave so that we can see it over the weekend,” he said.

Explain that MEFP is a major document that describes all the conditions, steps and policy measures on the basis of which both the parties announce the staff-level agreement.

Finance Minister Dar said that the government and IMF officials will hold an online meeting in this regard on Monday. He said, “I can confirm that the draft MEFP has been received by us at 9 am today.”

Finance Minister Dar said, “We will see the MEFP over the weekend and have an online meeting with IMF officials. Obviously it will take a few more days.”

Blame on Imran’s previous government

Talking to reporters, the Finance Minister accepted that reforms in some areas required by the IMF are in the interest of Pakistan. He criticized the previous PTI-led government for “economic destruction and misrule”. He said, ‘It is necessary to fix these things. “These reforms are painful, but necessary.”

He committed to continue efforts to ensure that Pakistan fulfills the deal with the IMF. “It is a standard procedure which cannot be curtailed and hopefully they will not unnecessarily increase it,” Dar said.

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