Pakistan Government Warns Taliban Says We Will Enter Afghanistan To Kill TTP Terrorists | Pakistan government’s warning of ‘war’ to Taliban, said

Pakistan Government Warns Taliban: The situation is bad in Pakistan at this time. The terrorists of Tehreek-e-Taliban have waged a war against the government of Pakistan. He has told his colleagues to attack Pakistan from wherever they are. Meanwhile, now Pakistan has also declared war against Taliban. He has said that he is ready to attack TTP even after entering Afghanistan. This statement has been issued by the Defense Ministry of Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan has alleged that TTP terrorists who shed the blood of its soldiers are getting shelter in Afghanistan. Pakistan has also expressed its intention that it will not back down from entering Afghanistan and attacking TTP. Taliban terrorists have got enraged on this statement of Pakistan and they have termed the allegations regarding TTP as baseless.

Pakistan facing the brunt of terrorism
Pakistan is facing the brunt of terrorism after the flood. At this time, he is going through a lot of trouble with the infamous terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban. In fact, this group has started carrying out suicide attacks in Pakistan. He wants to overthrow the government of Pakistan from power. This group is also known as TTP. Due to the attack of this group, the capital Islamabad has been kept on high alert for the last 2 days.

attacks in pakistan

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After the suicide attack happening in Pakistan, the police is checking at every square intersection. Pakistani army has also been kept deployed. Due to this, public life has become busy in the whole of Islamabad.

Pakistani Taliban is known as
This terrorist group is also known as Pakistani Taliban. This group has declared Jihad in Pakistan. The group has vowed to bring its 15-year armed insurgency back to its peak.

Told my intention in December
This group had stopped its war with Pakistan in the month of November itself. However, since then that group has not stopped attacking the Pakistani army. In the month of December, this group had made its intention clear.

have been attacked before
This terrorist group has carried out many attacks in the South-Western region of Pakistan. They also targeted a police truck. A total of 26 people were injured in this attack. These terrorist groups are also involved in crimes like target killing and looting of local people.

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