Pakistan Former PM Imran Khan Explaine What Happened When He Was Attack

Pakistan Crisis: After the deadly attack on former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan, the situation remains very critical. Imran Khan told a press conference on Friday (November 4) the day after the attack, how he was fatally attacked that day. Imran said that while he was addressing the public standing on his container, suddenly a person attacked him with a bullet from the side. The bullet hit his leg, due to which he fell down. Imran Khan told that, when he was doing down due to the bullet, he saw that firing was done on him from the other side as well. Several bullets went out one after the other over his head.

Imran said that if even one of those bullets hit him, it was difficult for him to survive. Imran Khan told that in this attack he has got four bullets in his leg. This attack on them has been done under conspiracy. Imran said that he knows who has made this attack on him. He has earlier named those people in the media who were involved in this conspiracy.

attack during rally

Imran Khan was attacked on Thursday (November 3) during a rally, after which he was admitted to the hospital. Four bullets were fired in his leg. A senior leader of Imran’s party PTI, Fawad Chaudhry, accused Imran after the attack that “the attack was a planned assassination attempt on Khan and he narrowly escaped”. Attack any nine mm Not with a pistol but with an automatic weapon.” Police had said that one person was killed and seven were injured in the attack. However, Dawn newspaper said on Friday, besides the death of one person, 14 people were injured.

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Imran Khan had started the ‘Haqiki Azadi’ march on October 28 from Lahore with the goal of reaching Islamabad by November 4, but due to the change in the program of the protest, the march is now likely to reach Islamabad by November 11.

All intelligence agencies on alert

After the attack on Imran Khan in Pakistan, the atmosphere remains serious. Since this attack, all the intelligence agencies of Pakistan are on alert, preparations are being made to deal with any kind of situation. People are gathering in support of Imran and there have been fierce demonstrations in many areas of Pakistan. In view of this, the army in Pakistan has also been put on alert mode. PM Shahbaz Sharif is afraid that a civil war-like situation may not arise in the country.

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