Pakistan Economy Crisis Blue Economy Pak Treasure Earn 100 Million Dollar Every Year

Pakistan Blue Economy: At present, the economic condition of Pakistan is very bad. They have a debt of 100 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the IMF is also delaying in giving the bailout package. Meanwhile, a good news is coming out for Pakistan. The experts of Pakistan are talking about a treasure, using which the economic crisis of Pakistan can be overcome in one stroke.

Economic experts of Pakistan have given information about Blue Economy. Blue economy is a special type of water resource management, which covers all types of coastal activities. Business and services related to the sea are that part, which can increase the revenue of any country many times.

More than three billion people depend on marine resources

More than three billion people around the world depend on marine resources for their livelihood. With the help of Blue Economy, Pakistan can strengthen its financial, geo-political and geo-economic position. Blue economy includes shipping, maritime, agriculture, fisheries and tourist sectors apart from energy oil, gas and renewable energy.

only making a billion dollars right now

The coastal area of ​​Pakistan extends up to 1050 kms. In this, the Exclusive Economic Zone is spread over three lakh square kilometers. At present, Pakistan is able to earn only one billion dollars from the blue economy, most of which comes from fisheries, coastal tourism and marine revenue. Many believe that Pakistan has never paid attention to the capabilities present in the Arabian Sea and the Indus River, while the domestic, Chinese and Indian markets are full of their products.

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