Pakistan Economic Crisis Shocking Survey Reveals Shehbaz Sharif Country Will Collapse In 10 Years

Atlantic Council Survey News: Due to the economic crisis in Pakistan, not only the public but also the government is worried. Pakistani Rupee is continuously falling. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserve is only nominal, and there is a huge shortage of essential goods. In such an international survey, great apprehension has been expressed about Pakistan.

In the Atlantic Council survey, many people believed that Pakistan could collapse in the next 10 years. This survey of the Atlantic Council can make Pakistani politicians sweat. Because, never before in Pakistan, democratic governments could not complete their term, there the reins of the country have been in the hands of army-military dictators time and again. Before Shahbaz Sharif, there was Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan, that too could not complete the term.

Corruption-pauperty, terrorism is costing Pakistan heavily
Corruption is at its peak in Pakistan, and it needs foreign debt to handle its fragile economy. Although many of his close Islamic countries have also not been able to give loans. In such a situation, to avoid trouble, the Pakistani government is requesting a loan from the IMF. However, the IMF also wants to satisfy many conditions before giving it a loan, so this deal is full of trouble for Pakistan.

Surprising results in the Atlantic Council survey
Meanwhile, in a survey conducted by the Atlantic Council, opinions were sought from people around the world regarding countries like Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan. There were many shocking revelations from the answers of the people who came in the survey, the survey was like how the world would look like in 2033. Nearly half (46%) pointed to the possible collapse of Russia by 2033, suggesting that a war against Ukraine could lead to turmoil with the largest nuclear weapons arsenal on the planet.

Afghan-Pakistan may break in the next ten years!
On the other hand, 10% felt that Afghanistan was most likely to become a failed state in the next ten years. Whereas, 8% predicted the same for Pakistan and 7% felt that the US is likely to meet a similar fate. About 21% said Russia is likely to become a failed state within the next ten years, more than twice the percentage of Afghanistan.

Russia can use nuclear weapons
14% of the people in the survey believed that Russia is likely to use nuclear weapons within the next 10 years. Among those who expect the country to experience both state failure and breakdown in the coming decade, 22% believe the use of nuclear weapons will be part of that history ten years from now. However, about 10% believed that any current autocratic country was most likely to become a democracy by the end of the period.

People also predicted about China-India
About 6% people in the survey believed that China will meet the same fate and 1% predicted the same for India.

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