Pakistan Economic Crisis Inflation High People Started Looting Chickens In Shehbaz Sharif Govt

Pakistan Economic Crisis: The economic situation in Pakistan is getting worse day by day. Inflation has increased so much that it is becoming difficult for people to even get bread for two times. Looting has started in Pakistan battling with the condition of starvation. In Pakistan, when people are not getting flour, people have started stealing chickens.

According to the media report of Pakistan, in Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi), many people armed with weapons have carried out the incident of looting in a poultry farm.

Chicken robbery in Pakistan

After increasing inflation in Pakistan, people have now started looting. This case of stealing chickens has come from Rawalpindi, where the headquarters of the Pakistan Army is located. From where Pakistan’s General Asim Munir controls the remote government of Shehbaz Sharif from behind the scenes. 12 armed men first took the poultry farm workers hostage and then looted about 5000 chickens and fled.

30 lakh chickens looted from poultry farm

It is being told that the cost of these chickens is around 30 lakh rupees. Poultry farm owner Waqas Ahmed has lodged an FIR, in which it has been claimed that out of ten people came and looted chickens on the basis of weapons. According to the FIR, the workers of the poultry farm were tied up in the washroom. After this, after loading the chickens in the truck, they ran away.

Trouble growing in poor Pakistan

The people of Pakistan also believe that this situation was bound to happen. Roti is missing from the plate of crores of Pakistanis. Many families do not even have luck with green vegetables. In such a situation, efforts have already started to keep themselves alive only through looting. Today the currency of Pakistan is in the trough.

The people are crying tears of blood and if the condition continues like this, then the siren of civil war can ring any time in Jinnah’s country. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have also clearly explained that if Pakistan does not leave the issue of Kashmir, then no one can save it from drowning.

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