Pakistan Economic Crisis Debt Shahbaz Sharif Viral Video Says Feeling Shame Asking For Money | Pakistan Economic Crisis: PM Shahbaz Sharif’s begging video went viral, said

Pakistan Economic Crisis: The economic condition of Pakistan has seriously deteriorated. Inflation is on the sky. People do not have money to even buy things of daily use. There is a huge shortage of foreign exchange reserves in the country. Meanwhile, a video of Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, he has mentioned about seeking loan from UAE.

PM Shahbaz has told in the video (Shahbaz Sharif Video) that during his visit to UAE, what mental condition he had to go through while seeking loan for his country.

Shehbaz’s begging video goes viral

In this video, Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif mentioned his mental condition while taking loan from UAE. In this video, Shahbaz Sharif said, “I have come through UAE two days ago. The President there Mohammad bin Zayed behaved with great love. I had earlier decided that I would not ask for any more loan from him, but then I gathered courage and told the President of UAE that you are my elder brother, I am ashamed but I have compulsion. Give us one more billion dollars.

Had visited UAE last week

Pakistan is already burdened with huge debt and the Shahbaz government is again seeking financial help from other countries and international agencies. Last week Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz Sharif visited UAE. During this, he appealed to the industrialists to invest in Pakistan. Even after taking loan from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pakistan is facing a big risk of default.

acute shortage of foreign exchange reserves

In Geneva, PM Shahbaz had asked for $ 16 billion in aid for Pakistan so that the flood-ravaged country could get some relief. From here he was assured of giving 10 billion dollars. Not even a single penny has reached the government treasury of Pakistan. According to media reports, Pakistan has foreign exchange reserves left for imports for only three weeks. In such a situation, there is no way in front of the Government of Pakistan other than knocking on the door of the IMF.

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