Pakistan Economic Crisis, Comparison With Bangladesh Economy, Know About Both Foreign Currency Reserves

Pak Vs Bangladesh: Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were once a part of India, are making new records of their respective economies today. While the Pakistan Economic Crisis has become very bad, Bangladesh has overtaken it in economic growth. Today’s big truth is that Pakistan has only 3 weeks worth of foreign exchange reserves left.

Even if we talk about electricity facility, its condition is worse than that of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, 96 percent of households have electricity while in Pakistan it is 75 percent. Often in conversation, people refer to the currency of Bangladesh, which is called Taka. This word with ‘two taka’ has become more heavy than the Pakistani rupee. According to the latest report, inflation has been recorded much less in Bangladesh as compared to Pakistan.

Pakistan lags behind despite being bigger than Bangladesh

Pakistan is much bigger in area than Bangladesh, and it is also bigger in population than Bangladesh. The population of Pakistan is 225 lakhs, while the population of Bangladesh is 166 lakhs. But… this large population or large area could not keep Pakistan ahead of Bangladesh, Bangladesh maintained relations with India from the very beginning and did most of its trade with India. A lot of investment by Indian companies also reached there, whereas in the case of Pakistan this situation was reversed.

Terror factories run in Pakistan and investment did not come

Since independence, Pakistan attacked India and then from the 90s, terror factories opened there. In Pakistan, the power remained in the hands of the army for a long time. Apart from this, the investment of foreign companies could not increase there, because terrorist attacks keep on happening, apart from this, religious fanaticism in Pakistan also came in the way of development-projects and investment matters. In spite of all this, Pakistan went backward in comparison to Bangladesh. Corruption in Pakistan is so much that it is counted among the most corrupt countries of the world.

Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves are much more than Pakistan’s

Even if Pakistan is compared to Bangladesh in terms of life expectancy, Bangladesh is better. Life expectancy in Bangladesh is 73 years, while in Pakistan it is 67 years. The biggest thing, today Pakistan has foreign exchange reserves of only $ 3.67 billion. At the same time, Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves are currently $ 34 billion. It is almost 8 times more than that.

Bangladesh’s ‘taka’ getting stronger since 2008

Even if we talk about the currency of both the countries, Bangladesh has become heavy on Pakistan. While Bangladesh’s ‘taka’ has strengthened since 2008, Pakistan’s rupee is getting weaker. The ‘taka’ of Bangladesh has become more valuable than the Pakistani rupee.

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