Pakistan Dilapidated For Sale Embassy Property In US Has An Indian Bidder

Pakistan Selling Building In US: Pakistan is selling a dilapidated building of its embassy in Washington, the capital of America (USA). There is also an Indian among the bidders for this building who has reportedly bid $5 million (₹41.42 crore) to buy the building.

According to Pakistani news agency The Dawn, Pakistani diplomatic sources told them that a Jewish group has placed the highest bid of $6.8 million (₹56.33 crore) for the building. That group wants to build a temple in the building.

At the same time, the Indian buyer has bid $ 5 (₹ 41.42 crore) million for it. There is also a Pakistani buyer among the buyers of this building, who has bid $ 4 million (₹ 33.13 core) for it.

Why is Pakistan selling the building?
According to The Dawn, Pakistan embassy officials told them that one of the three diplomatic properties in Islamabad in Washington would be sold. This building used to be an important center of the defense unit from the 1950s till 2000.

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The Government of Pakistan is considering deputing a Financial Advisor rank officer regarding this building. According to embassy officials, they are discussing how, at what price and by what process this building should be sold.

When was this building bought?
The Pakistani embassy was shifted to the new building in the early 2000s. But Pakistan had preserved it till now by getting it renovated. Although the building on R Street has been described as being in a dilapidated condition, nearby residents have complained of a safety hazard. This building was bought by the then Pak Ambassador Syed Amjad Ali between 1953 and 1956.

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