Pakistan Debt Payment 2023 Pakistan Debt Crisis Pakistan Has To Repay The World Debt This Year Ann

Pakistan Debt Payment: Pakistan’s former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has written an article on Pakistan’s debt payment in the English newspaper Dawn on 14th January. In the beginning of this article, he has said, “The world’s debt on Pakistan is about $ 100 billion and in this financial year it has to repay the debt of $ 21 billion.” Pakistan has to repay the debt of about 70 billion dollars for the next three years.

10 billion dollar jugaad has been done
So he said, “What will happen in four years from now? We have to repay $90 billion and have been able to manage $10 billion. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to repay the loan. In fact, prices of everything from chicken to milk and flour to onions are skyrocketing in Pakistan. Inflation is engulfing the neighboring country from all sides. Rising debt, dwindling foreign exchange reserves, political The economic condition of Pakistan, which is facing instability and a huge decline in GDP, is getting worse day by day.

once again in ruins
At present, due to the continuously deteriorating economic conditions, Pakistan has once again reached in ruins. In the first week of December itself, the State Bank of Pakistan revealed that there is a huge shortfall in the foreign exchange reserves of the government. Because of this only 4 to 5 weeks import expenses can be recovered. Only a quarter of 7 billion dollars are left in the foreign exchange reserves of the government. Even after adding the dollars deposited in the private banks here, they are reaching only 12.5 billion dollars.

This one issue is not only a threat to the economy of Pakistan. Rather, the political upheaval going on inside the country is also harming it. It is worth noting here that China, Saudi Arabia and UAE have been continuously extending their helping hand in handling the dying Pak economy, but in such circumstances, how far the country will be able to pull Pakistan’s vehicle is a question in itself. .

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