Pakistan Court Rejects The Petition To Include Quran In School Curriculum Says Citizens Have Freedom To Choose Their Religion

Pakistan Court: A Pakistani court on Friday dismissed a petition seeking inclusion of the Holy Quran with translation in the curriculum of education up to the college level. The Sindh High Court in its judgment dismissed the petition on the ground that faith is a personal matter of a person and the court cannot interfere in it.

The court said that no change can be made in the education curriculum if fundamental rights are violated. Article 20 of the Constitution provides religious freedom to citizens and makes it mandatory for the state not to interfere in the religious affairs of individuals.

The High Court said that the Constitution has struck a balance between the roles of the three pillars of power – the judiciary, the legislature and the administration. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees a person the right to exercise his fundamental rights without interference from the government, as long as he does not break the law.

Quran is mandatory

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Advocate Imtiyaz Ali, appearing for the petitioner, argued during the hearing that the teaching of the Holy Quran should be made compulsory in Sindh province as Pakistan is a country created for Muslims.

Current optional subject
At present, Islamic studies are being taught as an optional subject to primary and secondary level students. On the other hand, non-Muslim students can choose any other subject instead.

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