Pakistan Condition Is Pathetic Pakistan Economic Crisis TTP Threatening Shehbaz Sharif Govt Serious Allegations Of Honey Trap On PAK Military Officers | Economic condition from bad to worse, TTP made trouble

Pakistan Economic Crisis: Pakistan is going through a severe economic crisis for a long time. Inflation is at its peak. The people of the country are troubled by poverty and hunger. The recent floods affected a large population and made them dependent on every grain. The country’s foreign exchange reserves are almost on the verge of ending. TTP has been troubling the government of Pakistan. Along with this, there is a situation of political upheaval in the country due to the serious allegations of honey trap on the army officers of Pakistan.

Amidst inflation, poverty and hunger in Pakistan, the country’s economy has completely derailed. At least $35-36 billion is needed to bring the country back on track.

economic crisis in pakistan

Pakistan is deeply in debt. According to a report, in April 2021, Pakistan’s total debt reached more than $ 90 billion. According to a report of the World Bank in the month of April 2022, about 34 percent of the population of Pakistan is forced to live their lives on an income of only $ 3.2 i.e. 588 Pakistani rupees per day. Due to high inflation, people of low income group spend about 50 percent of their total income on food and drink. There is a huge shortage of cooking gas in many cities.

Markets will be closed soon to save electricity

Pakistan, which is going through a period of economic crisis, had announced measures to save energy on Tuesday. Under this, early closure of the market and marriage hall is included. Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khwaja Asif told the media after the cabinet meeting that the market would be closed by 8.30 pm. At the same time, marriage halls will also be closed till 10 o’clock. The government claims that this will save 60 billion rupees.

TTP has put you in trouble

The terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has openly threatened the Shehbaz Sharif government. TTP released the video on social media and warned the Government of Pakistan that we are coming. TTP is banned in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Shahbaz Sharif government alleges that Afghanistan is giving shelter to TTP terrorists. The government of Pakistan had also warned to destroy this terrorist organization by entering Afghanistan.

Honey trap allegations on military officers

There has been a political uproar in Pakistan after allegations of honey trap on military officers. Pakistan’s retired military officer and former spokesperson Major Adil Raja has accused senior army officers of using popular Pakistani actresses and models as ‘honey traps’. Although he did not name any actress, Pakistani actress Sajal Aly was incensed after his revelation.

Pakistan, which gives shelter to terrorists, is currently in a very bad condition. Along with the economic plight, the situation of political anarchy continues in Pakistan. The government is extending its helping hand to other countries.

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