Pakistan: An Indian wants to go to Haj on foot, Pakistani man approached the Supreme Court, know what is the whole matter

Pakistan News: A person in Pakistan is fighting for the fact that a Muslim living in India can go for Haj. In fact  A man from Pakistan on Wednesday challenged in the Supreme Court the decision of the Lahore High Court which granted a ‘transit visa’ to a 29-year-old Indian citizen. The petition requesting"text-align: justify;">Say that an Indian person wants to go to Saudi Arabia for Haj. He wants to reach Mecca by foot through Pakistan.

The petitioner and Lahore resident Sarwar Taj has moved the Supreme Court. In his petition, he argued that the Pakistan government had issued visas to a large number of Indian Sikhs during the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev and provided this facility to Hindus to visit holy places in the country (Pakistan). He said that on this basis that person should also be given a ‘Transit Visa’ Should be given to those who want to go for Hajj.

Shihab argued before immigration officials that he was going on Haj on foot and covered a distance of 3,000 km and should be allowed to enter the country on humanitarian grounds.

Who is the person who wants to go on Hajj

Shihab Chottur from Kerala, India aims to


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