Pakistan Abdul Majeed Father Of 54 Children Died Know His Story

Abdul Majeed Death: The identity of a person named Abdul Majeed Mengal in the neighboring country of Pakistan was that he was the father of 54 children. Now Abdul Majeed is not in this world. Majeed, the father of 54 children, breathed his last at the age of 75. The head of Pakistan’s largest family passed away in Moshki, Balochistan. According to the news, Majeed died of a heart attack.

Abdul Majeed had married 6 women in his lifetime. Out of this, 2 women have died, while 4 are still alive. Majeed was taken to the hospital for treatment but he died on the way.

42 children are still alive
According to Pakistani media, Abdul Majeed had a total of 54 children, out of which 12 children died of malnutrition. Of Majeed’s 54 children, 42 are still alive. Out of 42, 22 are boys and 20 are girls. A story related to Abdul Majeed is very popular in Pakistan. In fact, in the year 2017, when the national census was being conducted in Pakistan, the government officials were stunned to see the number of Majeed’s family. Majeed came in the headlines of his country only after this. After listening to this thing of Majeed, the ground slipped under the feet of the officials when Majeed said that he wanted to be the father of 100 children.

I worked hard…
Before Abdul Majeed in Pakistan, a person named Jaan Mohammad was the father of 36 children. Majeed used to work as a truck driver. His first marriage took place at the age of 18 and after that he married five women. While talking to the Pakistani media, Majeed once said, “I worked hard and gave good education to my elder son. But, now I am old, these things are out of my hands.”

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