North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Seen With His Daughter For Second Time See Pictures

Kim Jong Un Daughter: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un poses for a photoshoot with officials involved in this month’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch. The special thing about the photoshoot was that Kim Jong appeared once again with his daughter Ju-ae. This is the second time that Kim Jong-un has appeared in public with his daughter. His photographs have also come to the fore. These pictures have been released by the Korean Central News Agency.

Kim Jong-un’s daughter can be seen in pictures published by the Korean Central News Agency. Ju-ae can be seen in the pictures in a black coat with a fur collar and hair partially tied. At the same time, his father Kim Jong-un is seen wearing a black leather coat.

These people also participated in the photo session

KCNA said the photo session was attended by “combatants of the Red Flag Company, officials from the Defense Science Research Institute, scientists, technicians and weapons factory workers who made great contributions to the test-fire of the Hwasong-17.” It was also said that Kim “appeared at the photo-op location with his lovely daughter”.

News Reels

Kim’s daughter was seen for the first time on 18 November

It is noteworthy that during the launch of Hwasong-17 ICBM on November 18, Kim Jong-un’s daughter was seen with him. KCNA said of the photo session, “Kim congratulated the reliable defense troops, who proudly launched a giant crystal in front of the world with pure loyalty, extraordinary mental strength and outstanding science-tech force.”

The North Korean leader also said, “We must further strengthen our greatest strength, never rest on our laurels, and continue to inspire the boundless strengthening of defense capabilities.”

Promotion of military officers

In recognition of their contributions to developing the Hwasong-17, Kim promoted a number of officers and scientists to military rank. These included the promotion of Jang Chang-ha, head of the National Academy of Defense Sciences, and Kim Jong-sik, head of the War Material Industry Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea, to generals.

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