North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Wife Wears MISSILE NECKLACE As Army Parade Shows Nuclear Weapons

South Korea: Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol-ju has given a unique message about North Korea’s nuclear power in a military ceremony. Joo, who attended the 75th military ceremony of the Korean People’s Army with her husband and daughter, warned the world through her necklace.

In fact, Ri Sol Joo was wearing a model necklace of an intercontinental ballistic missile around his neck. The necklace he was wearing belonged to the missile which was capable of nuclear attack in many countries including America.

Kim’s daughter was seen in the program
In this program held in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, Kim’s daughter Kim Ju Ae appeared with her father and top military officials at the program and the subsequent military banquet. North Korea’s state media reported that Kim’s second child, Kim Joo Ae, was wearing a black suit and was present at the military dinner with her parents and senior military officers.

After this public appearance of Kim Joo Ae, there were speculations that whether Ae would be the next successor of her father in North Korea? However, experts rejected this claim for the time being.

What is North Korea’s missile program?
North Korea is continuously demonstrating nuclear weapons despite the sanctions imposed on their country by America. On the occasion of New Year, Kim along with his army promised the people of North Korea to launch short-range nuclear missiles.

State controlled media of North Korea informed that this year the focus of his government is to manufacture new short range missiles. Despite heavy US pressure last year, North Korea tested more than 70 missiles. Kim alleged that South Korea was indiscriminately engaged in the manufacture of dangerous weapons, for this they too needed to be ready for war.

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