North Korea Kim Jong Un Two Teen Executed For Watching South Korean And American Drama Series Or Films Says Report

Kim Jong Un: Two students in North Korea found it so expensive to watch South Korean and American cinema that they had to lose their lives. Dictator Kim Jong Un got these students studying in high school killed. This thing has been revealed in a report. Actually, South Korean or American drama or music is banned in North Korea. In such a situation, if someone is caught, provisions have been made for severe punishment.

According to The Independent, the two students, aged 16 and 17, met in October at a school in North Korea’s Ryanggang province and watched several South Korean and American drama shows. According to The Mirror, the students caught on these charges were put to death in front of the local people. This incident is being told of the month of October, but the information about his murder has come to the fore only last week.

Government gave message

Along with this, it was said in the report that by giving such punishment on behalf of the government, this message was also conveyed to the people that if someone works against the strict laws, then he will be met with the same fate. Kim Jong Un’s government said that the crime committed by the two boys was of a wicked nature. Therefore, these students were killed in front of everyone.

News Reels

Last year was the death anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong Il in North Korea. 11 days mourning was announced on this occasion. The strange thing about this mourning was that during this time no citizen could neither laugh, nor do shopping, and not only that, he could not even drink. In the year 2020, the Korean show was banned by Kim Jong Un’s government.

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