North Korea: Dictator Kim Jong Un’s New Decree, Name Children – Bomb, Gun And Satellite | North Korea: Dictator Kim Jong Un’s new decree, name children

North Korea Dictator: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un often remains in headlines because of his decisions. Once again he has given a strange order to his countrymen. Actually, Kim does not like that there should be sweetness in the names of the children of his country. For this, he has announced to implement a new rule in the country.

Dictator Kim Jong Un wants North Korean children to be named after bombs, guns and missiles. This is because the name of children reflects the spirit of patriotism rather than softness. According to the report, it has been ordered in North Korea to replace the delicate and soft sounding names of children with names like Chong Il (gun), Chung Sim (loyalty), Pok Il (bomb) and Ui Song (satellite). . Orders have also been given to change the names of people whose names are associated with love, beauty and such emotions.

people are upset

The people of North Korea are having trouble with this because the authorities are asking them to change the names of the children. This process started after a notice last month, after which people are constantly being pressurized to change the names of their children. People are also complaining against it, but they are not working in front of the dictator’s orders.

News Reels

Let us tell you that issuing such orders by the government of North Korea is not new. People’s choice doesn’t matter here. When people have to laugh and when not, even the government does it. If someone violates the government order, then he gets very severe punishment. It is common to get the death penalty here for going against the government.

No laughing for 11 days

The 10th anniversary of the death of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-to was ordered to mourn for 11 days. During this time the people of the country were banned from laughing, shopping and drinking alcohol.

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