North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un Seen With Mysterious Girl And Holding Her Hand

Kim Jong Un Holding Hand a Girl: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has a mysterious world, about which everyone wants to know. Now a picture has come to the fore, in which he is seen with a girl and is holding her hand. If media reports are to be believed then this girl is none other than Kim Jong Un’s daughter. However, North Korea has never told how many children Kim Jong Un has.

The age of this girl also remains a mystery. The world does not know his name. The most important thing is that she is the most beloved daughter of Kim Jong Un. South Korean officials believe that the name of this young girl is Juee and its age is around 9 years. Actually, this picture has been shown by North Korean media recently. This was recently published by the Korean Central News Agency. It is being said that this picture was taken during the successful launch of the ballistic missile recently.

Kim Jong Un gave a signal to the world

After this picture surfaced, Kim Jong Un has indicated to the world who will be his successor. He has given a clear message. Firstly, the Kim regime is going to live here and secondly, his family will not do any deal for nuclear weapons. Kim Jong has been seen with his daughter on many of those occasions, it can be clearly guessed who will be his successor.

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Kim took over the throne at the age of 26

If we talk about Kim Jong Un’s debut, he did not make his official debut until he was 26 years old. On November 19, Jae Ae appeared for the first time in the North Korean media. At that time the media had also accepted that she is his daughter. However, there is still a possibility that Kim Jong Un will put forward his daughter as a successor or another child, about whom the mystery remains.

Jenny Towne, a member of the Stimson Center in Washington, says that Kim and his daughter being together during the nuclear launch indicates that this success has now included the next generation. In the month of September, Kim had told his MPs that he would never give up nuclear weapons. South Korean lawmaker Yoo Sang-bum told reporters after a closed-door briefing with the National Intelligence Service last week that Ju Ae is one of three children of Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju.

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