North Korea Ballistic Missile Fire America Called All Personnel To Seek Immediate Shelter In Air Base In Northern Japan

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: After the US threat, North Korea has made its intentions clear by firing a ballistic missile towards its eastern seaboard on Thursday (17 November). After this action of North Korea, America has issued instructions regarding the security of its soldiers stationed in South Korea and Japan.

America has asked all its troops to immediately take shelter in the air base in northern Japan. The Misawa installation commander has instructed all personnel to take cover and wait until further information is received following the North Korean missile launch.

North Korea fired an S ballistic missile from its eastern seaboard on November 17 after the statement made by the US to show firm commitment to the security of its allies South Korea and Japan. Not only this, the Joint Chief of Staff of South Korea also informed about the testing of another North Korean missile. This missile launching of North Korea has been strongly condemned by America, Japan, South Korea and the United Nations.

Increased tension between North Korea and America

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After this missile launch of North Korea, the tension between America and it has increased. At the same time, America has taken this act of North Korea very seriously and keeping in view the safety of its personnel, it has issued instructions to them to immediately take shelter in the air base in northern Japan. According to the information, after the missile launch of North Korea, America can take some strict action against it. On the other hand, North Korea has already made its intentions clear by firing missiles.

Why did North Korea flare up?

Actually, the reason for this growing tension between North Korea and America is being attributed to the recent summit of America, South Korea and Japan regarding Pyongyang’s missile launches. After this summit between the three countries, the two leaders, including US President Joe Biden, issued a joint statement saying that they had agreed to work together to strengthen the peninsula’s deterrence capability. At the same time, Joe Biden reiterated the US commitment to protect South Korea and Japan through all other military measures including nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s threat to America

Furious after this statement of America, North Korea gave its reaction on this. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Cho Son-Hyu said in a threatening manner that the more America helps its allies, the more severe action North Korea will take in response. He warned that this would lead to more serious and dangerous situations for those working at the behest of America. Not only this, the Foreign Minister of North Korea threatened America and said further that the US is making such a bet by helping South Korea and Japan, for which it will definitely have to repent.

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