New Zealand Banned Cigarettes Know Complete Law

New zealand Banned Cigarettes: Lots of people in the world want to get rid of their cigarette addiction. The governments of many countries have also banned smoking. Taking this link forward, New Zealand has passed a new law today (December 13). After the implementation of this law, those born in New Zealand on or after January 1, 2009, will never be able to buy tobacco. Under this law, the minimum age to buy cigarettes will also continue to be increased every year.

After the passing of this law, a lifetime ban has been imposed on youths who buy cigarettes. Apart from this, even a person above 50 years of age will have to show the identity card to the shopkeeper to buy cigarettes.

Target to reduce 5 percent by the year 2025

The government’s intention behind implementing this law is clear that by the year 2025, the number of people who smoke in the country is to be reduced by five percent. The health officials there believe that after the implementation of this law, that target can be touched even before 2025.

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what did the health minister say

As soon as this law is implemented, the number of shopkeepers selling tobacco in the country will decrease from 6 thousand to 600. Apart from this, the amount of tobacco used in smoking will also be reduced. New Zealand Health Minister Dr Ayesha Veral told Parliament that there is no good reason to allow such a product to be sold to those who are going to use it. Smoking is the cause of half of those deaths and I can tell you that we will end it in the future because we are passing this law.

8 percent of youth consume cigarettes daily

Taking his point further, he said that due to the implementation of this law, the health system will also save billions of dollars for the treatment of diseases caused by smoking, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke. This bill will bring a generational change and leave a legacy of better health for the youth. Data released last month in New Zealand showed that 8 percent of youth smoke cigarettes daily.

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