New Restrictions On Women In Malaysia Regarding Clothes And Children Breaking The Rules Can Lead To Jail

New Laws For Women In Malaysia: Malaysia has implemented new laws to ban women earlier this month. According to this, women of Terengganu state have been banned from wearing men’s clothes. Here women cannot conceive without getting married. This state has also declared ‘witchcraft’ illegal. After the implementation of this law in Malaysia, there is a lot of anger among human rights activists in South-East Asia.

In the state of Terengganu, this law has been passed by the assembly. As a punitive action against whoever breaks this law, a rule has been made to pay a fine of Rs 93,000. Apart from this, there has also been talk of going to jail for three years.

threat to freedom of expression
14 rights groups, including the All Women Action Society, said these laws violate the right to freedom of expression, equality and non-discrimination. Terengganu state is governed by Islam Se-Malaysia, a party focused on Islamic fundamentalism. Neighboring country Indonesia had implemented a similar law. Now Malaysia has also followed that law.

what did bloomberg say

According to a Bloomberg report, Malaysia has gained economic momentum by investing diplomatic capital and financial mechanisms in last month’s G20 summit as well as several investors’ summits this year. So far, over $1.2 billion has been withdrawn from the domestic bond market in 2022 by global funds. According to the report, fundamentalism is the reason for political instability in the South East Asian country.

what the state religious official said
State religious official Satful Bahari Mamat, quoted by the state-run Bernama news agency, said the new laws would protect “the well-being” of Muslims. The ban on women behaving like men was imposed, he said, because the existing laws were only related to men behaving like women.

having widespread cases of tomboy or lesbian

She told the state news agency, “In the past there might not have been much to this issue (women acting like men), but now we see that cases of ‘pengkid’ (tomboys or lesbians) are becoming more widespread. That’s why the state government wants to put a stop to this issue.

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