Nepal Plane Crashed Just 10 Seconds Away From The Runway One Day National Mourning Announced

Plane Crash in Nepal: A major plane accident took place in Nepal on Sunday (January 15). Yeti Airlines ATR-72 plane has crashed at Pokhara International Airport in Nepal. A total of 72 people including 68 passengers and four crew members were on board this 72 seater aircraft. According to the information, the plane crashed just 10 seconds before landing.

According to Pokhara Airport ATC sources, the crashed Yeti Airlines plane was just 10 seconds away from the runway. According to the ATC staff, the runway of Pokhara is built in the east-west direction. The plane caught fire in the air before landing. Relief-rescue work is going on at the accident site and the airport is currently closed.

35 dead bodies recovered

Nepal Police told that the plane caught fire in the air itself and after that the plane crashed. It can be clearly seen in the video coming from Pokhara International Airport that there is an atmosphere of chaos. Rescue workers are trying to extinguish the fire in the plane with water. In another video, the plane is seen crashing. According to Nepal Police, 35 bodies have been recovered and this number may increase further.

declared a day of national mourning

Yeti Airlines spokesperson told that the rescue operation is going on. This accident happened at 11:10 in the day. This plane fell into the gorge of Seti river in Pokhara valley. On the other hand, the Government of Nepal has announced a day’s national mourning. After the cabinet meeting, the Government of Nepal has declared a day of national mourning on January 16 due to the plane crash. The government has also constituted a five-member committee to investigate the accident.

Five Indians were on the plane

Yeti Airlines has also issued a list of all the passengers on board. ABP News has got information about five Indians aboard the plane. Nepal Civil Aviation Authority told ABP News that the names of the five Indians on board the plane are Sanjay Jaiswal, Sonu Jaiswal, Anil Kumar Rajbhar, Abhishek Kushwaha and Vishal Sharma. The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu is also in touch with the Nepal Administration and Yeti Airlines.

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