Nepal Plane Crash Yeti Airlines Reason Behind Plane Crash All You Need To Know

Nepal Plane Crash: Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500 aircraft carrying 68 passengers including four crew members crashed in Nepal on Sunday. All 72 people lost their lives in this accident. After this accident, the discussion has started once again on the risk of flights in Nepal. This is the 28th plane crash in Nepal in the last 30 years.

Please tell that the victim of the accident was the flight of Yeti Airlines. Yeti Airlines and its subsidiary Tara Air have a long history of plane crashes. You can guess from this that a website called does not rate any of these airlines.

The aircraft that fell victim to the ATR 72-500 accident in Nepal is part of the ATR aircraft series. The 72 in the name of this aircraft tells its passenger capacity. The first aircraft of this model was made in 1981. Let us inform that since 2004, there have been four fatal plane crashes of Yeti Airlines, including today’s ATR 72 flight. At the same time, in addition to three fatal plane crashes in Tara Air, five ‘non-fatal’ incidents are also included. Both the airlines fly in the mountainous and extremely risky Himalayan region.

According to experts, inhospitable mountainous terrain, bad weather, old aircraft and inexperienced pilots make Nepal the most dangerous country to fly. According to a 2019 safety report by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the mountains of Nepal pose a ‘big challenge’ to pilots. Talking about the last ten years, about 20 planes have crashed here.

Why is it dangerous to fly in Nepal?

Sunday’s accident was the 11th major accident in terms of death. Most of the crashed planes belonged to Tara Air and one Yeti Airlines. The question is why there are so many plane crashes in Nepal. Actually, flying here is difficult and dangerous because the natural structure of Nepal is slightly different. The mountains, poor regulation, and lack of new aircraft make Nepal the most dangerous country to fly in.

lack of qualified staff

Other reasons for plane crashes are lack of better radar technology. Because of this, it becomes difficult for pilots to navigate in difficult terrain and difficult weather.

Mountains also make air travel dangerous in Nepal
Eight of the 14 highest mountains, including Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, are located in Nepal. The world’s most dangerous airport is also in Nepal. There is a solid reason behind calling the airport located in the city of Lukla the most dangerous. It is not at all easy to land a plane on a runway made by cutting the rock between the mountains. There is a mountain on one side of the runway and a ditch on the other, so a slight mistake can lead to a big accident.

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