Muhammad Ali Jinnah Grandson Nusli Wadia Shares Video About Pakistan Quaid E Azam

Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Nusli Wadia, grandson of Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, has praised his maternal grandfather in a video. Famous journalist of Pakistan Hamid Mir has shared the video on his Twitter handle.

Please tell that Nusli Wadia, the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, lives in India and is a big businessman here. He is the chairman of the Wadia Group and according to the 2021 Forbes list, he is among the richest people in India.

Video released on Jinnah’s birth anniversary

Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s birth anniversary is on 25 December every year. He was born on 25 December 1876. He was only 7 years younger than Mahatma Gandhi. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, Nusli Wadia has shared a video praising his maternal grandfather. In this, Wadia told that he learned to stand up and fight for himself from his maternal grandfather Jinnah.

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What else did Wadia say?

Wadia also said that his father was a simple person, learned honesty and loyalty from his father. Nusli Wadia considers his maternal grandfather Jinnah as the best human being. At the same time, Jinnah’s name is often seen in controversies in India. Jinnah is seen as a villain in India. Many people consider him to be an important reason for the partition of India-Pakistan.

Wadia family owns companies like Britannia-Bombay Dyeing

Nusli Wadia’s mother’s name is Dina Wadia, who went against her father Muhammad Ali Jinnah and married British businessman Naiveli Wadia. Dina Wadia met Neville Wadia in the year 1936. Let us tell you that the Wadia family is the owner of prestigious companies like Britannia and Bombay Dyeing.

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