Moscow Shot Down Four Missiles Coming Towards Southern Russia Designed In America

Russia-Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 9 months. Meanwhile, the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry regarding the missile attack has come to the fore. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that its military has shot down four US-made anti-radiation missiles in an area of ​​southern Russia bordering Ukraine. This is one of the first such claims made by Moscow since starting the war nine months ago.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that four American anti-radar ‘Harm’ missiles have been shot down in Belgorod’s airspace. According to the US Air Force, the high-speed air-to-surface anti-radiation missile is designed to seek and destroy radar-equipped air defense systems.

Firing in the Belgorod region

Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov told that there was shelling in the Belgorod region on Sunday (December 18). Residential and industrial buildings were attacked. One person was killed and 10 others were injured in this attack. A poultry plant has been damaged in this firing and windows in several residential buildings and cars have been damaged. People told that loud explosions were heard here.

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Russian drone attack on Kyiv

Apart from this, on Monday (December 19), Russia attacked the major energy infrastructure in and around Kyiv with Kamikaze Drones. The attack took place when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Belarus for the first time since 2019. It is believed that after this the war can once again take a dangerous turn.

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