McDonald’s: Employee left job after being asked to clean dishes, video made and posted on social media

Viral: A New Zealand McDonald’s employee quit his job just because he was asked to wash dishes. The special thing is that McDonald’s employee was on duty at that time and his shift was going on. A report in Daily Mail claimed that while leaving the job, the employee recorded a video and posted it on Tiktok, which is becoming increasingly viral. Users’ reactions are also coming on this video. 

According to the report, after leaving the job, the McDonald’s employee posted the video on social media and wrote whether he really thought that I was going to clean it. No, I’m not cleaning it, I’m not cleaning it. This 26-second video has been posted on Tiktok by an account named Fionn_McCallum. It is seen in this video that dirty utensils are kept in the sink and the employee is seen saying that I am not cleaning it, I am not cleaning it. 

The companions kept persuading, but he did not agree 

After which the employee tells his manager that I am leaving the job. In the video, the manager can be heard shouting at other employees while his colleagues beg him to stay. while the manager yells, "No! go back from here."

It’s not the first time

This is not the first time that a McDonald’s employee has quit like this. Such cases have come earlier also. This video of New Zealand McDonald’s going viral on social media has been viewed 2.9 million times. Along with this, users have also shared their opinion about McDonald’s. 

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