Marburg Virus Outbreak In Central Africa, WHO Called Meeting To Know How Deadly Disease

WHO Meeting On Marburg Virus Outbreak: Marburg virus is spreading in Central African countries. It has been said by the officials of the World Health Organization (WHO) that this virus is more dangerous and deadly than Corona and Ebola. WHO has just called a meeting to discuss the outbreak of this virus.

Before the meeting, WHO officials discussed the seriousness of Marburg virus disease. Officials reported that Marburg virus disease is a highly virulent disease that causes hemorrhagic fever, with a mortality rate of up to 88%. It is a virus of the same family that causes Ebola disease. Two large simultaneous outbreaks in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany and in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1967 marked the initial recognition of this type of disease.

WHO told- from where this virus spread
However, there are outbreaks of Marburg virus in several Central African countries including Ghana. According to scientists, the outbreak came to light after lab experiments on African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) imported from Uganda. Subsequently, outbreaks and sporadic cases were reported in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda. In 2008, 2 cases were reported in Uganda in travelers visiting a cave in Rousettus bat colonies.

Deadly fever comes due to this virus

It was told on the WHO website that humans who come in contact with Marburg virus disease get severe fever. Its infection was initially spread among people living in mines or caves of Roussetus bat colonies. Based on the investigation done there, it was said that once a person is infected with this virus, Marburg can be spread through the blood secretions of infected people, human-to-human contact with private parts. Apart from this, its infection spreads even after using the clothes of the patients such as bed etc.

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