Malabar Annual Exercise 2022 Between QUAD Countries Two Indian Navy Warships, INS Shivalik And INS Kamarto Have Reached Japan

Malabar Exercise 2022: Amidst the ongoing conflict with China, two Indian Navy warships have reached Japan to participate in Malabar, the annual exercise of the navies of India, America, Japan and Australia Quad (QUAD) countries. This year the Malabar exercise is going to start in the Sea of ​​Japan from November 8. The annual Malabar exercise is going to be held between 8 and 18 November between the navies of the Quad countries. For this, two warships of the Indian Navy, INS Shivalik and INS Kamorta have reached Japan. Apart from India’s two warships, P-8I reconnaissance aircraft are also participating in the Malabar exercise.

India will deploy its multi-role stealth frigate INS Shivalik, anti-submarine corvette INS Kamorta and long-range maritime patrol aircraft P-8I. Australia, Japan and the US are the other members of the ‘Quad’. These joint exercises of the four countries are being seen as a strong defense against China’s growing naval power in the Indo-Pacific.

Indian Navy to participate in International Fleet Review

After reaching Japan, Shivalik and Kamorta participated in a bilateral exercise with the Japanese Navy warship, JS Hamana. Let us tell you that both Shivalik and Kamarto are indigenous warships. Shivalik is a multi-role stealth frigate that can also participate in Anti-Submarine Warfare, while Kamorto is a fully ASW ie Anti-Submarine Warfare ship. The P8i is also an anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft. It is believed that the main objective of the Malabar exercise this year is the Anti-Submarine Warfare Drill.

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India builds military relations

The Navy of Japan shared the pictures of Shivalik and Kamorta on their official Twitter account and wrote that the navies of both countries conducted joint maneuvers (29-30 October) to strengthen the joint efforts for a free and open Indo-Pacific. The Malabar exercise in the Indo-Pacific region takes place one year in Japan, one year in India and one year in the Pacific Ocean close to a US naval base. From the year 2020, the Australian Navy has also started participating in it. Warships of America and Australia have also started reaching Japan to participate in the Malabar exercise. The Malabar exercise has always remained a grit for China’s eyes.

India’s reach to ASEAN countries

The Indian Army will also participate in exercises ‘Harimau Shakti’ and ‘Garuda Shakti’ in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively over the next two months. After that along with Singapore, the Indian Army will conduct the ‘Agni Yoddha’ exercise at Devlali in Maharashtra during November. India’s access to ASEAN countries can be a matter of concern for China.

Apart from this, the ‘Austra-Hind’ infantry exercise between India and Australia will be held at Mahajan Firing Range in Rajasthan. Recently, India also participated in an aerial warfare exercise called ‘Pitch Black’ in Darwin, Australia.

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