Live Video Of Fighter Jet Crash See How The Brave Pilot Saved His Life

F 35 Lightning Fighter Jet Crashed: An F-35B fighter jet crashed on Thursday (December 15) at the Texas base of the Jet Naval Air Station Joint Reserve in Florida, USA. This is the 5th generation fighter plane of the army. The aircraft was flying near Jet Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. Suddenly the pilot faced trouble, which he failed to handle. Although the pilot got out of the plane absolutely safe.

Lockheed Martin, who technically made this fighter jet, confirmed the accident. According to video posted online by KTVT-TV in Dallas, the plane took off for testing. As soon as the plane was descending, it got a jolt on the runway. A few seconds later, the pilot exited the aircraft. It is seen in the video that the F-35 fighter plane started moving around uncontrollably, although there was no fire in the plane.

what the Pentagon spokesman said
Top Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder told reporters on Thursday, the crashed F-35 has not yet been officially handed over to the government. Fort Worth has facilities for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Reservists personnel. It is operated by the Fort Worth Navy Reserve and the 10th Air Force is headquartered there.

What did the contractor who made the fighter plane say

Lockheed Martin said, “We are aware of the F-35B crash on the runway at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth and we know that the pilot ejected successfully. Safety is our priority and we will Will follow proper protocol of investigation.” The condition of the pilot was not disclosed on Thursday.

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