Kim Jong Un North Korea Sent 4 Students To Work In Coal Mine For Using Wrong Dialect

Kim Jong: Recently four North Korean students have been expelled from school in Kim Jong Un’s country and sent to work in a coal mine. It was told that the children were learning by listening to South Korean songs.

Kim Jong-un is known for his crackdown on attempts to bring foreign music, films or television shows to North Korea, which is believed to include executions. Children in North Korea often download things like squid games, pop music on USB flash drives and watch them in South Korea.

use of the language of South Korea

Recently, after the arrest of four students in North Korea, the country’s government is trying to crack down on foreign entertainment. Those students were accused of using an accent typical of the people of South Korea. Furthermore, it was claimed that they also used the language of South Korea, as a result of which the students were sent to work in a coal mine in the Onsong region close to the Chinese border.

Speaking in Seoul dialect is a trend

According to Radio Free Asia, it was said that speaking in Seoul dialect is seen as a trend for North Korean youth, but the North Korean regime considers it a crime. A resident of North Hamgyong province told the outlet that using a foreign accent is wrong. Such an incident has been interpreted by the Central Committee as sympathizing with the enemy’s plot to infiltrate the country’s ideology and culture.

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