Khalistan Rally In Australia Glorifying Indira Gandhi Assassins Know Everything

Khalistan In Australia: The atmosphere in Australia is very tense. Khalistan supporters are continuously demonstrating here. On January 15, Khalistanis took out a huge rally and glorified the killers of India’s first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Please tell that on January 6, 1989, Indira’s killers Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh were hanged. In this rally of Khalistan supporters, these two weapons of Indira Gandhi were glorified. Khalistan is going to hold a referendum on January 29 in Australia. This information was also given to the people in this rally.

At the rally, cars and trucks carried life-size posters of both Indira Gandhi’s assassins as well as a poster of Jarnal Singh Bhindranwale. Please tell that it was Bhindranwale who campaigned for the autonomy of the Sikh state in Punjab. The organizers of the rally also announced “The Last Battle”. He is going to vote in Melbourne on January 29 regarding the Khalistan referendum.

Australian Hindu Media shared the poster on Twitter. It read, “Plumpton Gurudwara glorifies the killers of Indira Gandhi in this poster. How did this become a charity work. Do charity and not for profits in Australia consider such works right.

It is worth noting that India has lodged strong objections to the Australian government several times regarding the Khalistan referendum vote. However, the Australian government has not yet taken any step to ban the Khalistan referendum campaign.

Hindu temple was attacked a few days ago

According to the news of Australia Today, a Hindu temple in Melbourne was attacked by Khalistan supporters. Khalistan supporters made anti-India paintings on the walls of the temple. The name of the temple in Melbourne that has been attacked is BAPS Swaminarayan Temple. It was said in the report that slogans of “Hindustan Murdabad” were written on the walls of the Swaminarayan Temple, which is one of the main Hindu temples in Mill Park, Melbourne.

“We pray for peace and harmony”
Condemning the attack, BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir said, “We are deeply saddened and shocked by this vandalism and hate-filled attacks. We pray for peace and harmony and will issue a detailed statement soon.” Along with this, it has also been said in the report that Khalistan Group has also praised an Indian terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Please tell that Bhindranwale has been a widespread supporter of the Khalistani Sikh state, who was killed during Operation Blue Star.

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