Katie Beers: 2 feet wide and 17 feet deep cellar came out alive after 9 days, drank water from the soil

Katie Beers Kidnapping Case: Abandoned by mother in childhood. Even if a woman gave support, it made life hellish. Sexually abused by her husband. Amidst the tortures, the light of hope was also seen in the form of a friend, then he turned out to be even more cruel. He even locked Katy in the basement. Kept hungry and thirsty. Katy was forced to drink water by squeezing it out of the soil. After 9 days of searching, the police finally found him. 

Yes, yes! We are talking about New York’s Katy Beers, who was freed by the police after 9 days from the custody of her alleged friend. 

Linda used to do all the household chores with Katy. Many restrictions were imposed on him. Katy was not even allowed to come out. Katy had no idea what school was.

Husband used to sexually abuse

Even after tolerating so much, Katy used to live in that house. After this, Linda’s husband started sexually abusing Katy. When Katy complained about this to Linda, Linda got angry on her. Her husband took full advantage of this. 

told his pain to the neighbor

Katy Beers told her grief to a neighbor John Esposito. John assures Katy that he will help her. One day, on some pretext, Katy left the house and reached a fair. John was also there. He asked Katy what she liked. Katy said that she has to visit Space Flex. John took him to the Space Flex, then both came home in the evening.

Katy is kidnapped

After this John kidnaps Katy. After not knowing for several days, Linda complained to the police. One day Katy called Linda and informed about her kidnapping. After this the police reached John’s house and rescued Katy. According to the police, John hid Katy in the basement of his own house. Katy lived in a basement only 2 feet wide and 17 feet deep. To drink water, she used to extract water by squeezing the soil. She had become very weak due to being in the basement for about 9 days.

Kidnapping done before

Police made another disclosure about John. Police said that he had tried to kidnap a child from a shopping mall 6 years ago as well. However, even at that time he was caught by the police. He was also sentenced to jail.

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