Japan Takahama Nuclear Power Plant In Fukui Region Shut Down

Japan Nuclear Power Plant: Japan’s Takahama Nuclear Power Plant was automatically shut down on Monday (January 30) after receiving a warning. However, the good thing is that no evidence of radiation was found from the nuclear power plant. This nuclear power plant is in the Central Fukui area of ​​Japan. There the investigators informed that they are investigating about radiation in a more thorough way.

This incident took place at 6.20 pm Indian time. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA), the Takahama power plant was stopped after receiving warnings of a rapid decrease in the number of neutrons. The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) issued a statement saying that the reactor is cooling down normally. Due to its closure, there has been no effect on the surrounding environment, the main reason behind which was that no abnormality was found in the radioactive level.

investigating the causes
However, Kansai Electric Power Company, supervisor of the nuclear power plant, said in a statement that it is still investigating other reasons. According to Japan’s public broadcaster HNK, Fukui area officials also said that it is not yet fully clear why the alarm went off. He said that no abnormality was found in the temperature or pressure of the reactor.

Japan currently has 33 reactors
One of the four reactors at the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant was restarted at the end of 2022 last year after conducting regular tests. Japan currently has 33 reactors, but less than a third are operating in less than a decade due to the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant following the deadly tsunami in March 2011.

Not all are operational year-round and the country is heavily dependent on imported fuel. Japan is facing its worst energy crisis in decades, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida saying in August that the country should consider building the next generation of nuclear reactors.

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