Istanbul Bomb Blast Turkey Coup Attempt 7 Years Ago Chaos Spread By Army Rebellion

Istanbul Bomb Blast: In Turkey, a suspect has been arrested in the Bomb Blast case on Istanbul’s very famous Istiklal Avenue. Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has accused the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for the attack. He said that preliminary investigation has revealed that the PKK terrorist organization is behind this. However, no information has been shared about the person who has been arrested. If sources are to be believed, the police have so far detained a total of 22 people in this case, who are being interrogated. 6 people were killed and 53 were injured in the attack that took place on the evening of Sunday (November 13) in Istanbul.

Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan has called it a terrorist attack. He said that all the criminals involved in this will be caught and punished. Erdoğan said that four people died on the spot and 2 in the hospital. Many people have been injured in the bomb blast, who are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is said to be behind this attack.

Turkey’s border with 8 countries

Turkey borders eight countries and has a total population of eight and a half million, of which 74 percent are Sunni Muslims. Significantly, Turkey was established after the Osmania Sultanate. Turkey had adopted the policy of secularism since 1928. Despite this, the influence of Islam was still visible in the society and politics here. Turkish President Ardoan initially tried to reconcile Islam and secularism. Between 2014 and 2016, Turkey promoted a policy of “no conflict of any kind” with neighboring countries.

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opposition to Kurdish independence

Due to the Kurds, Turkey is in conflict with the western countries. Kurds have a population of two crores. They are spread over four countries (Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran). At the same time, Kurds in Turkey are in good numbers in the region of Eastern Anatolia. There, Kurds make up 55 percent of the population, which is 20 percent of Turkey’s total population. Turkey has been engaged in suppressing the freedom struggle of Kurds for a long time. Not only this, since 2015, Turkey has increased repression against Kurdish leaders and important members of civil society. At the same time, Turkish President Ardoan feels that due to the increasing influence of Kurds in Syria, the morale of Kurds regarding separatism may increase in Turkey as well.

coup attempt in 2016

There was a failed coup attempt in Turkey in the year 2016. In Turkey’s capital Ankara, tanks were seen on the streets and helicopters in the sky. Even before this, Turkey has been a witness to the coup. Earlier, the army had carried out coups 4 times, achieving success in its efforts, but this time it could not get success. It was claimed that this attempt of coup did not have the support of any high officer of the army.

At the same time, Turkey’s main opposition party also condemned this attempt to overthrow the government. That’s why this attempt of military coup could not be successful. At the same time, about 3000 soldiers involved in this conspiracy were arrested.

Prime Minister’s post ended in 2017

After suppressing the army rebellion in Turkey, elections were held there in June. In this, Ardoan was re-elected President by securing more than 52 percent votes. Ardoan was the Prime Minister of Turkey for 11 years before becoming the President of Turkey in 2014, but now on the basis of a referendum held in 2017, the post of Prime Minister in Turkey was abolished and all its executive powers were transferred to the President. After this Ardoan became the most powerful ruler of Turkey.

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