Israel Tens Of Thousands Of Israelis Protest Against Benjamin Netanyahu Govt Court Reform | Israel Protest: Protests against the Netanyahu government continue in Israel, crowds on the streets in protest against the new law

Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu: Protests against Benjamin Netanyahu’s government have been going on in Israel for the past several days. Thousands of people are on the streets against the judicial reforms of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government and have continued their agitation in the fifth week. Protesters have accused Netanyahu’s new government of putting democratic rule at risk.

At the same time, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu government says that court reforms are needed to curb the influence of judges.

Anti-Netanyahu protests continue in Israel

Protesters have accused Netanyahu’s government of threatening democratic rule amid a conflict between Israel’s judges and judges. The protests come weeks after Benjamin Netanyahu returned to power. According to a BBC report, the protesters say that Netanyahu has corruption cases and is trying to rein in the judges to avoid going to jail himself.

What did the protesters say?

Protesters say the new law will increase the compulsion of the courts and put ministers at risk of democratic scrutiny. “We are very proud of our democracy and it wants to make Israel something else. We will not agree, we will do our part to stop it,” said 61-year-old Hadar Weiss during a protest in Tel Aviv, reports Reuters news agency. Will do everything with strength.”

Allegations of weakening the Judiciary

Many protesters believe that the proposals brought by Law Minister Yariv Levin will affect the judicial review powers of the court and political control over the appointment of judges, thereby weakening the judiciary. The government’s plans to reform the judicial system have drawn strong criticism from several groups, including lawyers, and raised concerns among business leaders.

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