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Israel Benjamin Netanyahu: The command of a powerful country like Israel will once again be in the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu. A coalition of right-wing parties led by Netanyahu has won a majority in parliament. The coalition won a majority in the 120-member parliament by winning 64 seats. After which the next PM of Israel will be Netanyahu. After his victory, there is an atmosphere of celebration in Israel. At the same time, Israel’s Prime Minister Jair Lapid, admitting defeat in the election, called the opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him on the victory. Apart from him, all the big leaders of the country including PM Modi have also congratulated him for his victory.

After the election defeat, Jair Lapid told Netanyahu that he had instructed all departments of the Prime Minister’s Office to prepare for the transfer of power. He tweeted, ‘The concept of Israel is above any political thought. I wish Netanyahu all the best for Israel and its people.

Let us tell you that there was constant political instability in Israel, after which the people here have voted for the fifth time in the last three years. Here every time small parties form the government together, but later the government falls due to mutual differences. People hope that now the Netanyahu-led government will complete its term.

Netanyahu suffered a setback in 2021
Netanyahu was politically invincible for several years in Israel, but in 2021 a coalition of opposition parties showed him the way out. This came as a blow to him. The only goal of this alliance was to oust him from power. Israel has been at a political standstill in 2019 after Netanyahu, 73, was charged with bribery, fraud and betrayal. Netanyahu has been Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, ruling the country for 12 consecutive years and 15 years in total.

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PM Modi congratulated
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated Netanyahu on the victory. Modi tweeted, “Congratulations to my dear friend Netanyahu on his election victory. I look forward to continuing our joint efforts to further strengthen the India-Israel strategic partnership. PM Modi also thanked Lapid for prioritizing the India-Israel strategic partnership. Prime Minister Modi and Netanyahu have a very good friendship, both the leaders have met and talked with each other many times. Let us tell you that Israel has always been a good friend of India, Israel has helped India on every big occasion.

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