Israel Attacked Syria Damascus Airport Closed Cross Border Violence

Israel Attacked Damascus Airport: Tension between Israel and Syria remains constant. Meanwhile, Israel has once again attacked Syria. According to media reports, the area around Damascus Airport in Syria has also been targeted in the attack. The Syrian army has issued a statement saying that due to an airstrike by Israel, the country’s most important international airport had to be closed.

Israel, America, Russia and Turkey are fighting for supremacy in Syria. Israel alleges that weapons are supplied through Damascus Airport.

Israel’s air strike on Syria

According to the news agency Reuters, the army has also confirmed the death of two Syrian army soldiers in the airstrikes. At present, no statement has been issued by Israel. In the month of June last year too, there were reports of an attack on the Syrian airport from Israel. Damascus airport has been closed after the attack.

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What is the reason for the attack?

The Times of Israel reports that weapons are said to be smuggled through Syria to Iran-allied groups on Iranian cargo planes, which often land at Damascus International Airport. Israel’s media links such attacks to efforts to stop arms smuggling. It is said that Israel is afraid that Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran’s militia can become a threat to its country through Syria.

There is tension between the two countries for a long time

Israel has been carrying out sporadic attacks on the Syrian army for a long time. Thousands have died in violence since demonstrations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2011. At the same time, thousands of people have also become homeless. The Israeli army claims that the Syrian government is responsible for the attack. The Israeli government says that if they attack us, we retaliate.

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