Islamic Nation Saudi Arabia Plans To Send Female Astronaut To Space In 2023

Saudi Woman Astronaut: The space race is also being started from the land of Arab countries. Saudi Arabia, the Islamic country with the most strict rules and regulations, is now trying to show itself as a progressive thinking country. In this effort, Saudi Arabia has announced that for the first time it will send women to space.

Saudi Arabia will send its first female astronaut to space

According to the announcement of Saudi Arabia, in the second quarter of 2023, this country will send its first female astronaut, Rayanah Barnawi and a male astronaut, Ali Alkarni to the International Space Station (ISS). He will join the crew of Axiom Space’s second all-private astronaut mission. The objective of this Saudi mission is to promote Saudi capabilities in human space flight and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the space industry.

Saudi government is helping the mission

Abdullah Al-Swaha, chairman of the Saudi Space Commission, said that his government fully supports this program. The head of the commission, Mohammed Al-Tamimi, expressed his gratitude for the support, which has enabled the country to make significant progress in the space sector. The mission is also historic as it will make Saudi Arabia one of the few countries to have two astronauts of the same nationality together on the International Space Station (ISS).

Prince Sultan bin Salman took the first flight

Let us tell you that Prince Sultan bin Salman, the first chairman of the Saudi Space Commission and the first Arab, Muslim and royal astronaut, flew into space in 1985 in the American STS-51-G space shuttle mission. As Saudi Arabia continues to invest in its space programs, its new program will make an even more significant contribution to the global space community in the years to come.

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