ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack On Kabul Hotel Know Why He Did This Attack

Terrorist Attack on Hotel in Kabul: A new twist has come in the attack on a hotel on Monday in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Actually, the responsibility of this suicide attack has been taken by the Islamic State group. Taking responsibility for the attack, ISIS said that it carried out the attack to target Chinese traders. This confession must have increased the concern of the Chinese government. After Pakistan, now its citizens are also on target in Afghanistan.

Explosives were kept in two bags

ISIS said two of its members attacked a large hotel in Kabul where Chinese diplomats and businessmen frequented. They carried out the blast with explosive devices hidden in two bags. There was a plan to target Chinese guests with one bag, while the reception hall of the hotel was targeted with the other bag.

Firing on Taliban officers also

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ISIS said in a statement that ‘one of the two fighters hurled grenades at Taliban officers who were trying to stop them, while the other began detonating an explosive device which he affixed to the hotel room door’ and fired at the hotel guests.

all three attackers were killed

Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah had tweeted about the attack that ‘there was an attack in a hotel in Kabul. All three attackers have been killed. All the guests present in the hotel have been evacuated safely. Only two foreign guests got hurt as they jumped down.

China is keeping a close watch

Regarding this attack, the Chinese news agency Xinhua, citing eyewitnesses, said that this incident happened near a guest house and Chinese citizens live in this guest house. Xinhua quoted the Chinese Embassy in Kabul as saying that China is closely monitoring the whole incident and is taking necessary steps to help.

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