ISI Officers Terrorist Killed 2 ISI Officers Fell In The Trap Of Source Pakistan Police Killed One TTP Terrorists

ISI Officers Killed: Pakistan is facing all-round beating these days. On the one hand, the economic crisis and on the other hand, the problems of the country affected by terrorism are not taking the name of abatement. TTP i.e. Tehreek-e-Taliban has waged a ‘war’ against the Government of Pakistan. Just on the 5th, a TTP terrorist killed two ISI officers in Punjab province. Now the Pakistan Police has claimed to have killed a terrorist of the terrorist organization TTP.

Let us tell you that on January 5, two ISI officers were shot dead by a terrorist in Pakistan’s Punjab province. In fact, in a restaurant on the National Highway, two ISI officers Multan Region Director Naveed Sadiq and Inspector Nasir Abbas met a source. This source was none other than TTP terrorist Niazi. He shot both the ISI officers.

What is Tehreek-e-Taliban

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, also known as TTP, is the biggest terrorist organization fighting against its own government in Pakistan. According to the United Nations, several thousand TTP fighters are present along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, waging a ‘war’ against the government of Pakistan.

Pakistani military action, US drone warfare and incursions by other groups in the region had nearly put an end to TTP terror from 2014 to 2018 but, after the signing of a peace deal by the Afghan Taliban and the US government in February 2020, the militant group Again became active in this field.

Since July 2020, 10 extremist groups that were continuously opposing the Government of Pakistan joined Tehreek-e-Taliban. These include the three Pakistani factions of Al-Qaeda, which split from the TTP in 2014.

After these mergers, TTP became stronger and more violent. This violent series intensified after the formation of the Afghan Taliban government in Kabul in August 2021.

Its deep historical roots with the Afghan Taliban, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) have made TTP a dangerous terrorist organization. The group is the result of the ‘Jihadi politics’ of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan after 9/11.

The TTP is said to still have covert links with al-Qaeda and has declared that it will continue to treat Afghan Taliban leaders as its own, enjoying safe haven under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and using Afghan soil to fight against Pakistan. Will continue to wage war against

The Khorasan branch of the Islamic State terrorist group is largely made up of TTP defectors. The group has kept itself aloof from any conflict with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban.

How dangerous is this terrorist organization

To understand how big a threat TTP can pose, it is very important to know about the rise and development of this group. How this terrorist group was born and how it has become a canker for Pakistan today.

The roots of the Pakistani Taliban had started at the same time when many terrorists fled from Afghanistan after the US action in 2002 and were hiding in the tribal areas of Pakistan. When the action started against these terrorists, there was opposition to the Pakistan Army in the Swat Valley. Many rebel groups began to flourish in the tribal areas.

Then in December 2007, under the leadership of Baitullah Mehsud, 13 groups decided to join a Tehreek i.e. campaign, hence the name of the organization was Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. In short, it is also called TTP or Pakistani Taliban. It is completely different from the Taliban organization of Afghanistan, but the intentions are almost the same.

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