Is Mars Habitable Is There Really Water Know Everything Related Mars And Universe

Know About Mars Planet: With the changing of the times, many unsolved mysteries are also being solved. As science is progressing, it is helping people to get information about the same things. Man has reached space and the secrets of the universe have also started to open. Not only this, science has started looking for life apart from Earth. Regarding this, the world’s eyes are mostly on the red planet i.e. Mars.

The biggest question in people’s mind is whether Mars is habitable. This is the same planet on which humans are dreaming of settling down. Now a surprising news has also come out from Mars. Let us tell you what is that surprising news and many unique things related to Mars.

Evidence of having an ocean on Mars

Where the evidence of life was being searched on the Red Planet i.e. Mars, there is a sea of ​​hope. In the latest scientific research, it has been found that once upon a time there used to be an ocean on this planet. Scientists have discovered a 3.5-billion-year-old coastline on Mars, the thickness of which was about 900 meters and spread over a radius of thousands of km.

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Chances of life on Mars increased

This discovery by Benjamin Cardinas, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, US, has increased the chances of life on Mars many times more than before. Because the latest discovery is clearly telling that water, heat and moisture are all three things necessary for life on Mars.

The depth of the ocean was very high

Only evidence of the ocean was not found on Mars. There were also many river valleys here. To reach this conclusion, an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University collected data from NASA’s Mars and Bitter. Also mixed them with USGS survey. This report shows that the depth of the ocean of Mars was very high. Therefore, if you want to search for evidence of life, then the best place would be on the ocean side.

How these important things disappeared from the planet

The question is, when there was water, moisture, heat on Mars, how did it disappear. The reason for this is climate change. NASA claims that Mars has also dried up due to major changes in the weather. After this only earthen mounds and stones are left here.

How is Mars today?

On Mars, where dreams are being made to spend life today, there is a dust storm in today’s time. The mercury there never goes above minus 63 degrees Celsius. After falling in the cold, it reaches minus 140 degrees. Talking about gravity, the speed of falling of anything here is very less compared to the earth. If the weight of a man on Earth is 100 kg, then on Mars his weight will be only 37 kg. However, it is believed that if there is the most hope of life other than Earth in our Universe, then it is only on the Red Planet i.e. Mars.

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