Iran Threatens Families Of National Football Team Warns Them To Behave Well In Next Match Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 | Iran threatens families of national football team, warns them to behave well in next match

Iran Soccer Team Threatened: Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 is being played in Qatar. Many matches of the tournament have also taken place. However, this year’s FIFA Cup has been a roller coaster ride for some teams. One of these teams is from Iran. All is not well in Iran’s football team. At the same time, such news has come to the fore, which has shocked everyone. CNN quoted sources as saying that Iran’s government has threatened the families of the World Cup soccer team with imprisonment and torture. The reason behind this is the “behavior” of the players. The players have been asked to maintain good behavior in the match against America.

refused to sing the national anthem

In fact, in their opening match against England on 21 November, the players of Iran refused to sing the national anthem. According to the report published on CNN, the source has told that after this incident the players were called for a meeting with the members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The source said they were told that their families would face “violence and torture” if they did not sing the national anthem or join any political protests against the Tehran regime.

monitoring the players

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Following this, last Friday the players sang the national anthem before their second game against Wales. Iran won the match 2-0. The source told CNN that dozens of IRGC officers were drafted in to monitor Iranian players, who are not allowed to mix outside the squad or meet foreigners.

Coach met defense officials

“A large number of Iranian security officials are gathering information and monitoring the players in Qatar,” the source said. The source said that the Portuguese coach of Iran’s national team, Carlos Queiroz, has met separately with IRGC officials following threats to Iranian players and their families. However, the source did not say what transpired in that alleged meeting.

The players were promised “gifts and cars” ahead of the England game, but after the team refused to sing the national anthem, Iran began threatening the players and their families, the source said. It was also reported that the regime had sent hundreds of actor supporters to create a false sense of support and support among the fans in the last game against Wales.

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