Iran Police Shot Mehran Samak For Celebrating Country Football Team Exit From FIFA World Cup

Iran football team: These days a football battle is going on in Qatar. The craze of the FIFA World Cup is running high all over the world. This time many vicissitudes are being seen in FIFA. On Tuesday (November 29), an exciting contest was witnessed between America and Iran. The US team defeated Iran in this match.

Iranian people celebrated fiercely on the defeat of Iran. According to media reports, after the defeat of the country’s team in FIFA, people came out on the streets and started celebrating. Enraged by this, the security forces shot and killed an activist. According to the BBC report, the security forces shot a person celebrating the defeat of the Iranian team.

Deceased’s Name Mehran Samak

The name of the person who died is being told as Mehran Samak. The bullet hit the young man directly on the head, due to which he died on the spot. People told that Mehran Samak was honking his car horn in Bandar Anjali area, this infuriated the security forces standing there and they shot Mehran.

News Reels

Iranian police denied the murder

Oslo-based organization Iran Human Rights has claimed that while the Iranian team was celebrating its defeat, security forces targeted Mehran Samak and killed him by shooting him in the head. America’s organization Center for Human Rights in Iran has also confirmed this. At the same time, Iran’s police have outright rejected the allegations of Mehran’s murder. At the same time, no official statement has come out from the government of Iran on this incident.

Demonstrations in Iran since September

Please tell that on September 13, Tehran police arrested a woman named Mehsa Amini for not wearing the hijab properly. He died in police custody three days later. Since then, violent protests against the hijab are taking place across the country. There are also reports of police using force on the protesters. All human rights organizations and media organizations around the world claim that around 15,000 people have been arrested in violent protests against the hijab in Iran. It is also said that more than 350 people were killed.

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