Iran: Iranian police shooting in the face to destroy the beauty of protesting women, doctors revealed

Iran Hijab Row: Amid ongoing protests against the hijab in Iran, the government has disbanded the Morality Police. This is considered a big victory for women. Women have made great sacrifices for this victory. The police have done a lot of brutality on the women protesting. An attempt was made to destroy the beauty of women.

Quoting Iranian doctors, The Guardian said in its report that Iran’s police is working to eliminate the beauty of women. Women protesting on behalf of the security forces are being shot on their faces, eyes and private parts. And men are being targeted on their backs, legs and private parts. 

More women than men among the injured 

Doctors and nurses treating protesters in secret told The Guardian that female protesters were being targeted more than men. Women are coming more than men with different types of wounds. A doctor who treated the injured protesters said that he had initially treated a woman who had birdshot pellets fired in her private parts. 10 pellets were removed from his thigh. 

Attack on the beauty of women

The doctor said that during the treatment I realized that men and women were targeted in different ways. Another doctor claimed that they were killing men and women separately, because they wanted to destroy the beauty of these women. He told that I treated a 20-year-old girl, she was shot in her private part and thigh. 10 pellets were easily removed from the thigh, but there was a lot of difficulty in removing the pellets from the private part. 

Shooting women in the face

The girl undergoing treatment had told that she was participating in the protest, when some security forces surrounded her and shot her. Another doctor from near the city of Tehran said the variation in attacks by security forces showed that they shot in the face and private parts of women, because they see women as inferior. Wants to destroy girls’ sexual desires by destroying their private parts. 

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