Iran Dangerous Plans To Attack Gulf Countries With Russia Help Israel Mossad Spy Chief Claims

Iran Dangerous plans to Attack Gulf Countries: Iran is planning a fresh attack on the Gulf countries. For this, he is demanding to increase the supply of best weapons from Russia. Israel’s spy chief made this claim on Friday.

David Bernia, the head of the Mossad intelligence agency, said that the Tehran regime is advancing its nuclear program at an unprecedented pace. Barnia said, “We warn against Iran’s future intentions. It is asking Russia to supply advanced weapons, expanding its uranium enrichment project and increasing its attacks against Muslim countries in the Arab region.” Planning to accelerate. ,

The spy chief described the Iranian regime as “brazen” and said, “On the one hand, Iran sends diplomats to Vienna to negotiate, while on the other it sends Iranian terrorists to kill innocent people around the world.”

Explain that in 2019, Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for a major attack on oil infrastructure. Houthi rebels also attacked Abu Dhabi with drones in January this year. At the same time, Iran’s Foreign Ministry, while rejecting all the allegations, said that it will not seek permission from anyone to expand relations with Russia.

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Pakistan ‘stuck’ between Iran and Saudi
Pakistan’s Shahbaz Sharif government is now going to buy oil from Iran. The bid to buy crude oil from Russia has completely failed. However, if the Government of Pakistan takes oil from Iran, then it may have to face many difficulties. The first thing is that there is a fierce enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia. If Pakistan does oil deal with Iran ignoring this fact, then Saudi will be angry and Pakistan will have to bear the brunt of it.

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