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Japan Covid Cases Today: In China, Corona is creating the biggest orgy ever. Here, leaving lakhs far behind, the daily figures are now coming in crores. The maximum number of 3.7 crore corona cases were reported in China in a single day, which is the highest ever in a single day in the world. Meanwhile, scientists have expressed concern about a new variant of Corona in China.

Scientists are worried that the fast spreading corona in China can spread a new corono virus mutant in the world? Although scientists are unable to tell the mutants, but they have expressed the possibility of its arrival. The new corono virus mutant may be similar to the Omicron variant. Scientists believe that it could be a combination of strains, or something completely different.

Alerts in South Korea, Brazil and Japan
The BF.7 variant of Corona has created a furore in China. At the same time, more than 32 crore corona patients have come to the fore in China. According to the reports, on an average, 2 crore cases are coming in China daily. The death toll from Corona in China is in thousands daily. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of panic in China, but once again the fear of corona explosion has arisen in India as well as in the world. Along with this, in view of the Corona explosion in China, an alert has been issued in South Korea, Brazil and Japan.

Corona will peak in January in Tokyo
Corona virus is also visible at its peak in Japan, where people have been forced to be imprisoned in their homes before the coming of the new year. Corona virus cases are increasing continuously in Japan, while the infection in the capital Tokyo may be at its peak in early January.

Cases in Japan Since the beginning of December, an increase in the cases of corona is being seen. Here, 89,622 cases were reported on December 4, since then the cases of corona are increasing daily. Where, on December 18, there were 136,407 cases, whereas on Sunday it increased to 149,665. In Japan, the highest number of cases of corona in one day came in August, when about 260,000 people became victims of corona.

Bangladesh does not want anyone to interfere in internal affairs.
On the other hand, Bangladesh Foreign Minister A.K. Abdul Momen said on Monday that his country does not want the interference of any country in the internal affairs of Bangladesh. “We are a mature country. We are a sovereign country. We are an independent country,” he was quoted as saying at the foreign ministry by a major media outlet, Xinhua news agency reported.

Four people, including a Sikh from Amritsar, were killed and hundreds injured when a bus overturned on an icy highway in British Columbia on Christmas Eve. Although Canadian authorities are yet to confirm the identity of the dead, the editor of a Punjabi newspaper in Surrey said Karanjot Singh Sodhi, 41, of Butala, Amritsar, who was involved in the accident, has died.

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