Indian Student Vivek Gurav Street Cleaning Mission Trends In UK As Plogging

Vivek Gurav: Vivek Gurav, an Indian student of Britain’s Bristol University, has started a new trend regarding cleanliness in England. The name of this trend is plogging. Many cities of Britain are following this trend of Vivek Gurab, in which garbage is being collected while jogging. Basically Vivek is a resident of Pune, Maharashtra. This work of Vivek is being appreciated a lot in Britain.

Vivek started plogging inspired by the Swedish concept. The concept had elements of jogging and pickup to inspire people to clean up their local streets. It is not that Vivek made plogging famous only in England, but he is also running a group by this name in India. The name of this group is Pune Ploggers and more than 10,000 people are involved in it. The people of this group bought 10 lakh kg. Collected more garbage than

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Vivek Gurav’s university says that ever since he told about plogging, volunteers from 180 countries have joined it and these people have covered a distance of 420 miles under 120 plogging missions. Now this campaign will be taken to 30 cities of England. On this matter, Gurav says that I did plogging only in Bristol city but people kept asking me to do plogging in Manchester, Leeds, Derby also.

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Plogging Challenge will be held in 30 cities

He further told that after getting a good response from cities other than Bristol, I have decided to take the plogging challenge to 30 cities in the UK. I want to set up a plogging community in England, the way I set up in India. For this I can do plogging all over England. Can show direction to people, can also give them a blue print and they can start plogging group by themselves.

Gurav has got the award

Indian student Vivek Gurav, who has gained worldwide fame through his efforts, has been awarded the Points of Light Award by the British government. This award is given to those people who bring change in their community. On receiving the award, Gurav says that he was surprised to receive it and his father is proud of him.

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