Indian Army 60 Para Filed Hospital Unit Helping Turkiye Earthquake Survivors Also Deployed In Korean War In 1950

Turkey Earthquake: After the devastating earthquake in Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria, under the ‘Operation Dost’ of the Government of India, teams of NDRF and Indian Army are engaged in relief work on a war footing. At the same time, the 60 Para Field Hospital of the Indian Army is being praised all over the world for its selfless service to the earthquake victims.

This is not the first time that the 60 Para Medical Unit has come in the limelight. This 60 Parachute Field Ambulance Unit, called Angels in maroon uniforms, came into limelight by treating more than two lakh people between 1950 and 1954. Even during the Korean War, this medical unit of India made service with compassion its goal, following the values โ€‹โ€‹of humanity.

Treatment of more than two lakh people in the Korean War
During the Korean War between 1950 and 1953, India supported the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. Under this, India deployed 60 Para Field Hospital, a medical unit of the army. Its command was with Lieutenant Colonel AG Rangraj. During the deployment, the unit had treated more than 2 lakh people.

On November 20, 1950, a unit of 60 Para Field Ambulance landed in Pusan. On November 29, 1950, its first deployment was done in Pyongyang in the Korean War.

During that time it was divided into two sub units. The first ‘Forward Element’, which was grouped with 27 British Brigade, and the second ‘Administrative Element’, which was tasked with assisting and treating civilians at the Korean Army Hospital in Daegu.

Took part in big airlift mission
The forward element participated in ‘Operation Tomahawk’, a major airlift mission with US forces in the Munson area from 23 to 31 March. In this, this campaign was conducted with the 3rd Division of the US Army. It was here on April 22, 1953 that the 60th Para Field Hospital Unit faced a massive enemy attack.

The Commonwealth Division was formed on 1 July 1951 after which the unit came under the command of 28 British Brigade. It participated in several operations called “Operation Commando and Operation Killer” till 23 August 1953. The unit consisted of 627 jawans. During the deployment, 3 soldiers were killed while 23 were injured. The 60 Para Field Hospital Unit treated 2,22,324 people, including civilians, during the Korean War.

Special honor on return to India
The work of the unit was praised all over the world. Honored by the American and South Korean army chiefs, he also received a citation from the Commonwealth Division.

On returning to India, 60 Para Field Hospital Unit received special honours. President Dr. Rajendra Prasad awarded the President’s Trophy on March 10, 1955 at Agra. This is the first and only award of its kind. The unit was also awarded 25 Mention-in-Despatches.

Mahavir Chakra to Colonel Rangraj
Colonel Rangraj, the commanding officer of the unit, who led brilliantly in Operation Tomahawk, was given the Maha Vir Chakra. This award given for bravery in the army comes second only to the Paramveer Chakra.

Taking forward the glorious tradition, this medical unit of the Indian Army has now reached Turkey. Earthquake has caused huge devastation in Turkey. India has also sent units of Army and NDRF along with relief material under ‘Operation Dost’ to help the earthquake affected people. Under this, the army’s field hospital in Turkey started functioning on Thursday (February 9).

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