India Has Overtaken Pakistan Ever Since These Two Families Came Imran Khan Mention India Name

Pakistan Crisis: After the deadly attack on former PM Imran Khan in Pakistan, the situation remains very critical. Imran Khan held a press conference from the hospital late in the evening on Friday (November 4) the day after the attack. During this, he blamed four people for the attack on him and said that he already knew that he was going to be attacked. During this, Imran Khan, referring to India, said that today we are running far behind our neighbor. India has overtaken us today. Imran Khan fiercely targeted PML-N and PPP for the plight of Pakistan. He said that both the parties committed corruption on a large scale and increased the debt of the country. Imran said that when Sher Shah Suri got the rule, he implemented ‘rule of law’ in his place.

Imran praises India

Sher Shah got the benefit of this that the princely states around him also got into it, due to which there was prosperity. This happened because there was rule of law. Imran Khan said that when Sher Shah Suri got the princely state of India, he implemented ‘rule of law’ there too, which brought prosperity there too. At the same time, the situation in Pakistan is quite the opposite. Imran said, Pakistan sometimes begs for money from America and sometimes from China. For 30 years, Pakistan was ruled by only two families, since these two families have come, India has also overtaken us.

Four bullets hit Imran’s leg

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Imran Khan was attacked on Thursday (November 3) during a protest march in Wazirabad, Punjab province of Pakistan. Four bullets were hit in the leg of Imran Khan in the attack. One person was killed and at least 14 people were injured in this attack. The incident took place near Allahwala Chowk in Punjab’s Wazirabad town when Khan was leading a march to Islamabad to demand early elections.

deteriorating situation in pakistan

The situation in Pakistan has worsened due to the attack on the convoy of the former Prime Minister. Anger has erupted among Tehreek-e-Insaf workers. People took to the streets and protested fiercely. The police also fired tear gas shells at them to disperse the crowd.

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